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New 2018 Flu Clinic dates

Upcoming Flu clinic dates are...

Tuesday, November 6th from 1 - 4:45PM

Thursday, November 15th from 1 - 4:45PM

Saturday, November 17th from 8:30 - 11AM

More dates will be announced as more vaccine becomes available.

Please call (262) 377-6933 for an appointment.  Flu clinics are by appointment only.

**Note that only injections (Flu shots) will be available this Influenza season.  Flumist nasal Influenza vaccine will not be available**

****Note to site members.  My ability to send email blasts about flu clinics is not working.  I apologize for the inconvenience.  Dan Haqerman, MD****

Cedar Mills Pediatric News

CSM Connect is now available!

CSM Connect is our Patient Portal that allows you to view your and your child's electronic medical record online.  It also gives you email access to our phone RN staff for questions and concerns.  Ask about this program next time you're at Cedar Mills.  Sign-up has to be done in person.


ADHD Support Group Available 

ADHD Parent Support Group of Ozaukee County

For more information visit



Use our refill/message line for your convenience:

Call (262) 387-4909 to connect directly to our message line for medication refills or Immunization record requests. 


New Car Seat Recommendations:  Click here for information

Highlights of new recommendations:

     Infants:  Rear facing in infant care seat until max height/weight of seat

     Infants/Toddlers:  Rear facing in convertible car seat until age 2 or max          height/weight of seat

     Age 2 - max height/weight of convertible seat:  Forward facing convertible car seat 

     School Age:  Booster seat until 4' 9" tall

     Front Seat:  Not until age 13 and 5 feet tall


New study: Antibiotics are not needed for most ear infections - click here


Pediatrics News

Another final nail in the coffin of the alleged Thimerosol / Autism connection - click here

New Guidance on Management of Increasing Problem of Sports-Related Concussions in Children - click here

Check out the new Symptom Tracker App from the American Academy of Pediatrics website, HealthyChildren.org

Kids with Head Lice don't need to be excluded from school say AAP - click here


UK Medical Journal Retracts MMR - Autism Study.  Click here for the final nail in the coffin of the MMR Autism connection

Further support for Booster Seat use.  Click here

Another nail in the coffin of the MMR - Autism connection.  Click this link for the latest study:  http://www.reuters.com/article/idUSTRE60330220100104

Delaying allergenic foods in infants may actually increase the risk of allergiesClick here

Check out the American Academy of Pediatric's new Parent-friendly website Healthychildren.org 

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